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Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
1:16 am
Wednesday Morning.... Really Early
Kristin's just gone off to New York City. She won't actually get there until some time late tomorrow. She's driving with an English dude who she met through a ride-share listing on couchsurfing. I understand that they'll be splitting the driving and just move on balls-to-the-wall until they get there, sleeping while the other one is driving. I bought a little bottle of rum, which I've been mixing with RC cola (99¢) and I'm contemplating making instructional piano videos for YouTube. It just might happen. I've got a full schedule for the next week or so. Shows from tomorrow until Saturday and a recording session and possibly another show on Sunday and then a couple of days off. Life is good... for sure. I never post here so I'm not positive anyone will be reading this, but I felt like recording my thoughts... so why not?
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
3:31 am
Another day
Another Day. Another Night. A blink. A sigh. A Miller lite... A lack of sentence structure. Another trip to Texas. Phone calls. Visits from groups, individuals. A failed fondue. A successful pot of coffee. One thing leads to another as time moves the planets along their paths and brings yet another day to a close. The days are becoming longer and while it is not yet safe to venture outside in shorts and a Tee-shirt, it has become clear that Winter has ended. A whistling noise behind me... followed by a metallic pop and silence. The heat is still on in the building. Where do we go from here? It has become clear that while my current circumstance is not unpleasant, I'm always wanting more. I'm sure that as work with the band picks up in the Summer, this void will be filled to some extent, but I can't help feeling that I'd do better if I had a number of projects to work on. Recording, Composing/Arranging... anything really. The market seems to have dried up as of late, probably due to the general drying of all the markets in the world. Hal Leonard Co. have been very slow to implement any new projects.... None of the ads I've responded to lately have panned out to anything. Perhaps all this will change in the coming months. I hope so... In the mean time, local distractions will hopefully hold me over, and the combined household income will keep the bills paid and a roof over our heads.

Goodnight world,

Saturday, December 27th, 2008
2:40 am
An update on the life of a fish.....
The weather in Chicago is curious. There have been chilling days with icy winds alternating with blizzards that last for hours and warm spells where the snow becomes slush only to refreeze a day later giving the city a sheen of ice, making motor-vehicle accidents all the more likely. On the days of slush, the streets become filled with the sound of spinning tires. As far as I can tell, the weather patterns we've been having aren't all that unusual for the area, but the citizens of Chicago seem sadly unprepared for having their cars stuck in the muck. I've helped push a few cars around during the past few days despite the fact that my back has been bothering me since I (apparently) slept on it in a strange position - a pain in my left shoulder that comes and goes depending on what I'm doing, how I'm sitting (or standing) what I'm thinking about, and what I had for dinner the night before.

Wednesday night was Christmas Eve. Kristin and I spent our time with JP and the Cats at an upscale location known as Martini Park. The Band was playing for the "Juju Ball" a private event for single young Jewish professionals. There was an open bar and the single young Jewish professionals were thirsty single young Jewish professionals. It was a good deal of fun playing there.

JP did a particularly good job of getting his hair to stand up that night.

After that show, things are slowing down for the band for a few weeks. We begin playing again in Mid January and head back down to Texas at the end of the month and for a few weeks in February. It will certainly be a pleasure to get out of the North for a while at that point, as I imagine I will be a little more fed up with winter than I am now. During the down time I have a few projects to work on that aren't related to the band, and hopefully I'll have some time to work on some of my own music as well. It's been a while since I've been able to do that. My prized keyboard generally lives in the band trailer, so I'll grab a "zip-car" and pick it up some time over the next few days. It'll be good to have it back.

Anyhooo, that's about all for now.

Be at peace,

Monday, December 15th, 2008
1:47 am
A few words in defense of sturgeons
Another week, another dollar. With the discovery of web sudoku, I am able to fritter away even more time than before. Chicago has had some cold days and some warm days and some snow and some ice and some rain and some ice pellets. (Yes; ice pellets) They might be happening right now... though looking out the window,the ground seems white(ish). The pellets may have given way to actual snow, although they were definitely making clicking sounds hitting the ground about half an hour ago. The windy city is windy indeed although from what my guitar player says, that's not the true reason for its name. Chicago, evidently, has a history of corrupt politics and the wind in question is the wind of one thousand flapping political mouths rather than the wind of nature. An icy winter wind, however, is no more pleasant to be around than a governor (with bad hair) trying to sell a recently available senate seat. It cuts into the face and the soul, leaving one craving a hot fire and a heaping plate of General Tso's Chicken. Yesterday (Saturday) Kristin and I boldly ventured very close to Boystown (Chicago's notable gay neighborhood) in a quest for bleach and hair dye (for her). At a joint called "The Ally" we found some stuff called "Napalm Orange" which looked as though it would do the trick. We got some shawarma and falafel at a little middle eastern place on Belmont and then headed home on.... the Christmas Train. OH YES! It was decorated with colored lights, the seats were upholstered with Christmas related designs, the polls were decorated as candy canes, holiday music played in the background and elves greeted passengers and passed out candy. We made it home in one piece and set to work on the hair, which turned out quite nicely. (We added some highlights to my own as well; nothing too fancy.) -- yeah that's snow --

Tonight (Sunday) JP & the Cats played at yet another high school dance. It was a truly energetic enthusiastic crowd. Not completely out of hand (I only saw one person being passed around up above the others.

I did have my power cable yanked at one point which was too bad.... It takes the keyboard about 20 seconds to boot up so we lost a little time there. Other than that it went pretty well. The kids dug pretty much everything we played.

JP is proud that after having this band in some form or other for 30 years, he can still pull off a show like this and keep the kids entertained. We owe a good deal of this success to the drummer Bean who hasn't been with the band officially for a few years but is willing to come back for some of these shows. He's a great player and a really good singer as well and his quite good at learning new songs quickly so we can keep playing contemporary material. It was a good show and I sang a couple of songs. The load-out was twisted and roundabout and included a trip in a big manual freight elevator which I had a hell of a time finding at first after rolling pieces of gear through what seemed like endless hotel-kitchen-land (not a place you want to get lost in.) We made it through safely though and now I get to rest and relax for a bit. In fact, It may just be bedtime before too long. Goodnight world... I'll be in touch.

--Ferdinand Igmar Stuart Hartigan

Current Mood: peaceful
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
2:10 am
For The Record
Nearly two years have passed since I've completed an entry in this medium, and as I recall, the entry in question consisted of a few lines of song lyric. My experiences since those days included the rise and fall of .chilmark.'s collective career, the inception of a personal relationship that continues to this day, the acquisition of a pekingese, the composition of 12 songs for a musical theater production, a long drive to a new* city, my induction to a new* band, and ultimately the beginning of a life, bearing very little similarity to the one I was relating to the reader in my most recent posts. I don't suppose any of those who once read my ramblings here will remember that I ever wrote them. Weather or not my life is of interest to anyone at this point, I've decided that a record, even if only I read it, might not be a bad idea...

Chicago is my town. North-side to be specific. My neighborhood is Logan Square, where I live on the second floor of an apartment building in a one-bedroom unit with Kristin and Mozart. The Logan theater (where second-run movies can be seen for ridiculously low {for the city} prices), the sunrise market (where produce and meat can be acquired at similar prices) and the 24-hour Mexican restaurant (convenient if you're on my schedule) are right around the corner. The El Train (which ought not to be called that, considering it is actually a subway) can be accessed in about 40 steps from my front door, and once in, most of the city is at one's easy disposal - if one has several hours to spare and an impaired olfactory function. The Cubs are my team.. or would be if I gave a hoot about sports and didn't have some kind of loyalty to a team from one of the other cities where I've been transplanted (which, in fact, I don't).
In July I became associated with JP & the Cats - a Chicago-based five piece cover band whose supposed primary outlet is playing at corporate parties. (I've yet to see one of those.) Clubs and Bars seem to be the joints that keep us working at the moment, followed closely by casinos, country clubs, weddings and various other (non-corporate) private parties. I've just recently returned from a 2.5 week tour in Texas, the majority of which was spent at a fairly dead hotel resort on South Padre Island, playing mainly to old people. Immediately after we returned there was a dance for rich high school kids in the Grand Ballroom at the Ritz Carlton. Since joining the band as a keyboardist, I've been tapped as a vocalist as well, being roped into singing such classics as "What I Got"-Sublime, "Bad Day"-Daniel Powter, "Hey There Delilah"-Plain White T's, "The Great Escape"-Boys Like Girls.... as well as harmonies on a number of others.
We have a tour bus with a flat screen TV and playstation (that doesn't work) and a bathroom (that you can't use) and a bunch of comfortable couches. The bus doesn't show itself often, as JP favors a Chevy Van and Trailer, mostly because it doesn't cost $1000.00 to fill the tank.

Kristin works full time running a non-profit recycling center which will most likely be closing in a month due to a serious financial issue. She's looking into photography gigs and starting school in order to work toward a career in phlebotomy......... yes phlebotomy. It means blood-drawing. like.. with a needle. Evidently there's a decent buck in that racket but it requires a type of certification. People pay more by the ton for blood than they do for piles of old cardboard. Actually I don't know that but I assume. In fact, I highly doubt that blood is sold by the ton at all. I mean... isn't that kind of outrageous? How big a container would you need to hold that much blood? How would you transport it? In one of those big tank trucks? And having gone on about blood for this long... I may be nearly ready for bed. I'm probably not thinking rationally enough to write anything worth reading by myself at a later date.

Sitting alone on the sofa
The ipod has settled on prince
It's not what I'd typically go for
But I've given up moving long since
The lights are still on in the hallway
Not so, the lights in my head
It's time I got off my computer
and put my poor body to bed


Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, December 21st, 2006
8:19 pm
"My Devil sings a lullaby
My Angel screams alarm
Fire says it's easy to sleep
and Ice says that too much sleep can harm

My Devil sings forever more..."

I'm considering entering once again into this bloggish community..

for now I'm off to bed.

Current Mood: French
Friday, May 26th, 2006
2:41 pm
In case anyone was wondering...
I'm still here. Well, that is to say I'm not where I was when I last posted. But I'm still here on the same planet. In the United States of America in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. A week ago I packed my worldly belongings into the bed of an obliging pickup truck and, with the help of my friend and fellow musician Josh, hauled them to my new place of residence in Canton, MA. Canton MA is not to be confused with Canton NY or Canton China. If you ask nicely I'll give you my new USPS address but for security reasons, I will not post it here on the web. The result of the move is that I now live with my band. It also means that I live in a house with a yard rather than in Da Hood. Da Hood is not to be confused with the jazz tune "daahoud" by Clifford Brown. Interestingly enough Hood Dairy Products were based in the same Hood where I used to live. I don't own any hoodies.

It was a long and crazy semester. Yeah. Long and crazy, including several all-nighters during finals week and the week before. But it culminated with a graduation ceremony from which I almost walked away with a degree. Commencement, you see, was held the day after the last day of finals and final grades weren't due until several days after that. So everyone at the ceremony was given a fake diploma and a promise that the real one would be sent along in a couple of weeks. I finally got my grades though, and they were good so I'm pretty sure I really did graduate.

With school behind me (forever unless [horror of horrors] I should want to go to graduate school) and the move to the band-house complete, the focus is now two-or-more-fold. I'm working on getting the jingle beezwax off the ground while at the same time working with the band and preparing to play a lot of live shows. You know... with the intention of making that leap to fame and such. I am dealing with a degree of boredom. Suggestions for what could be done for excitement during the day in a town like Canton on a small budget would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that.... I dunno. Maybe I'll update more.

-Fishie Fishie-

Current Mood: hot
Sunday, February 26th, 2006
10:53 am
Always something in my way...
You never know if you'll ever see her again
To hear that angel's cry once more
How can you say you've got nothing to give?
I don't think you can.

There's always something in my way
Stopping me from getting to you
Always something in my way

I wish I knew if I could stop time for you
I don't think I can.
How can I say I've got nothing to give?
I don't think I can.

There's always something in my way
Stopping me from getting to you
Always something in my way

Current Mood: lonely
Monday, December 26th, 2005
12:46 am
Sleepy poem
You should probably be as sleepy when you read this as I was when I wrote it.

At the end of the day as your feelings unwind
and thoughts of uneasiness drift through your mind,
remember the things that you know to be true,
and all of the people who care about you.

It's late Christmas evening. No noise lurks about
but the tap on the roof of the rain from without
and the hum of the 'fridge from the kitchen within
where the last slice of cheesecake is ever so thin.

The gifts have been opened. The guests have all gone
and Grandma's crept off to her bed with a yawn.
I'm worn out as well but my spirits are high
for I know I'll be seeing my friends by and by.

Yes, I will be home for the end of the year
surrounded by those who I love to have near.
My parents and friends will bring joy to my heart.
A distance in miles won't keep us apart.

At the end of the day as I start to unwind,
I remember, in comfort, the days passed behind.
I imagine, with wonder, the days still ahead
as I make my way quietly up to my bed.

And I send you my love as I switch off the light:
Happy "Day-After-Christmas!" The New Year's in sight.
Sweet dreams to you all and to all a good night.

Current Mood: Sleepy (surprised?)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
1:28 pm
It's back!
The energy is back! I don't know where it came from, donkey, but it's back and it feels good. It's as though a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. Now I have less than a week to go. The scoring-to-visuals in-class-project-thing went over well. We each cranked out music for a 30 second spot in about an hour and a half (a pretty short time for that kind of thing.) The spot turned out to be a American Express ad featuring Tiger Woods. It was a lot of fun. This morning I had the final exam for my pointy-stick-waving class. I've lost my wand so I had to borrow someone else's but other than that it went fine. I think.

Today Is project day. I must record accompaniments to LaReina's proficiency music. She asked me to accompany her at the last minute and I couldn't because was already accompanying someone else at the same time. But I agreed to record the music on a CD for her. So I have to do that today. Yes, I tend to get really popular around the end of the semester when everyone needs an accompanist for their proficiencies. I also have a re-harm project and a trad-harm project. Please excuse the abbreviations. I can't help it. Those are both due tomorrow so we'll see what happens there. It should fill my afternoon one way or another. After all that stuff's done, I'll have one last project which I haven't even though about yet. It's the one minute spot for scoring to visuals, due next Tuesday. I hope it happens over Friday and Saturday. That way I'll have Sunday and Monday to help Holly with her Christmas CD, and I'll need all the time I can get for that. I want to produce the heck out of it. Kind of like "The Things You Say" but a whole bunch of songs and all in one or two days instead of over a year. At least the songs are already written and I don't have to sing. It'll mean an all-nighter but I'll be done with school and it'll be worth it. Wow! Where did all this energy come from? I'm going to need it this afternoon, I can tell you that!

Don't Worry, you're not pregnant.

-Fish Fish 1,000X fish

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Sunday, December 11th, 2005
7:43 pm
I write
"Just when you think you've got everything under control..... Something will come flying out of left field, it will have sharp teeth and it never misses."

The crunch of Fall '05 is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. At least it feels that way at the moment. A glance at my crunch-list reveals a surprisingly low number of things that I need to get done right away. That's probably a good thing considering the inexplicable exhausted state I'm in. That state, come to think of it, must be the reason I keep thinking there's a crunch.

It's been quite the semester. I haven't updated since the first couple weeks of class but as I recall, I was really accurate in my predictions for how the classes would pan out. At some point during the course of the semester, I was shoved in a project band, an ensemble lead by Professional Writing faculty and made up of students who wish to keep their scholarships. These bands exist so that writing students at Berklee can have their projects played and recorded by a somewhat decent live band. Otherwise they'd have to settle for the computer generated approximations that tend to be less than pleasing to the ear and downright revolting to the nose. The ear and the nose have turned their backs in disgust at my midi mockups more times than I would care to disclose. The band into which I was forcibly inserted is a "rock band." It's pretty fun. The stuff we play usually sucks though. (These student writers aren't good.)

"The Mountain Goats fly to the moon Every Saturday"

I'm happy that school will be done soon. 1.5 more weeks. I'm taking a bus to New York City for Christmas. Then I'll come back to Boston and drive up to Potsdam with my band's bass player Derek. Who knows what will happen after that. Man, I'm tired. Check back for updates. Maybe they'll happen this time.

"Is that you? You are a woman of many faces. I'm stuck with this one."


Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
12:19 am
The Course Descriptions (and a couple of gooseburgers)

Once again I've let myself slide a bit too long. Here's an update:

Since school began, my life has settled into a well balanced mix of classes, homework, chilling out, bro'ing down, eating and sleeping (also showering from time to time).

As promised, here's a bit about the classes I'm occupying myself with during this fine, fine semester:

Reharmonization Techniques:

This class disappointed me in the beginning because as the good professor pointed out right at the start, there isn't actually that much reharmonization in the class. (Mr. Obvious says: this leads the course title to be deceiving). The class is packed (as much as a 12-person class can be packed) with experienced upper semester level students, who all have an excellent grasp of Berklee harmony (don't get me started on that). At least it seemed that way until we took our first quiz. Astonishingly poor grades.... Astonishing, I tell you! (All around I could hear fellow students repeating the word "stupid" under their breath as they went over their answers.)

Scoring to Visuals:

Unlike Reharm. (excuse the abbrev.) this fine old course is exactly what it sounds like. They give you movies and you write music to'em. Except for this one assignment, of course, where there is no visual and you just do the sound design... Wait a minute! This sounds familiar.... where have I heard something like this before? Hold on! That's just like the other class! Berklee, Grrr..... Why I oughta...! So yeah, the first assignment for this class was to score a Gillette commercial. The commercial happened to be in Spanish. The visuals were blue, swooshy and techy so I wrote some big theatrical-trailor style music with a bit of synthiness mixed in. I think they liked it. All in all, it's a peachy class.

Conducting 2:

The second in a sequence of classes that teach up and coming musicians to wave pointy sticks around. I picked a different teacher this time around, due to the fact that in my first pointy-stick waving class at this grand school, I found it hard to keep my eyes open during the class. My switch proved to be a successful one. The man in charge of this-here section of "COND-212" (section 016 to be exact) is probably one of the better teachers at the school in that he explains things incredibly clearly and makes sure that everyone understands what he's said before he moves on. He is also very entertaining. With no warning, he will say some of the most ridiculous things imaginable. On the first day of class I found myself copying down expressions like "sticky wicket" and "hill of beans" but by the third class I was writing down key words to remember his quotes by. Here's an example from this week's class:

"Did you have a question? ... Ah, you were just streching. Normally I encourage students to take care of their yoga before the class begins although it is always refreshing to see people performing headstands or sitting in locked lotus position."
The student asked if he did yoga.
"Yes. Privately. Although there was this one time at the Provost's office: It was late on a Friday afternoon and I was feeling absolutely no pain whatsoever. I decided to execute a headstand with a split and a spinal twist. It made all the twenty-year-olds working in the office feel exceptionally old that day. All they would have to to is go for a week without sex and they would feel as vital as me."

I think the next step is to get myself a small digital recorder and record everything he says so I'm sure not to miss anything. Each week I'll be updating with at least one quote from this guy. It'll be a "Quote of the week" kind of thing.

Small Band Ensemble:

I play the piano in this group. We're learning the ups and downs, the ins and outs of good ol' down home Brazilian music. The teacher plays a potent flute. We have two guitars of course (of course) Bass, Drums, Tenor Sax, and a Violin. I wonder how that got in there.

Jingle Writing:

Here's a little oddball of a class. The teacher, who breathed life into the class, is a bit of a character, being a professional jingle writer himself. He strode confidently into the room and addressed us with the words. "Oh boy! Jingle Writing! This is a class where we just sit around all day and make money! Isn't this a great class? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!"
It turns out that there are no assignments and no tests. He only takes attendance to get to know us. However, unless he's slightly maniacal and way too optimistic, this may be one of the most informative and useful classes that I'll wind up taking here at Berklee. The final project (optional) is to try and sell your services as a jingle writer to a customer. For money! This class will be a lot of fun.

Advanced Techniques and Concepts 1 - Studio Orchestra:

This is pretty much what it sounds like. A class on writing for an orchestra. The professor is sadly boring but I'll get to write a piece and then conduct a recording session at Mix 1 Studio (over the porn shop on Boylston St.) with a real live genuine bona-fide professional studio orchestra. I'm looking forward to that bit.

Traditional Harmony 2:

Probably the final step in Grand-Scheme to confuse poor guitar-playing Berklee-cats who finally made it through all the normal Berklee harmony only to find that the rest of the world doesn't see eye to eye with them on the subject of Roman numerals and figured bass. Heck, before trad-harm, (agn, pls. excs. th. abrev.) most of these guys had never heard of "figured bass" and thought that Berklee Harmony was the be all end all when it came to analyzing music.

Ok, lets try that again: There are two kinds of harmony. Traditional (taught at most music schools) and "The Berklee Way" used throughout Berklee. They are very similar, with a few different rules and different ways of looking at things. Different enough to confuse the heck out of someone who is only here to play his drums in the first place. For whatever reason, Berklee requires everyone to learn both varieties of harmony.

To make matters worse, the somewhat green teacher that I happened to land with is inept. While he probably has a decent command of the material on his own, he is so bad at explaining it that it really doesn't matter. I think a few of the students are smart enough to pick some of it up though. To top it all off, it's my last class of the week and it meets from 6 pm to 8 pm. The reason I can make it through that class, is that some of the students are really funny and entertaining. There is a student named Pedro and there's another student named Summer.

That's about all I've got in me for now. Check back later. Maybe I'll write another entry some day.

Yours Truly,

Leetle French Feesh

Current Mood: tired
Friday, September 23rd, 2005
1:17 am
I feel old, Gandalf....
Ah... hello faithful friends!

When last we checked, our good friend Fishie McGee was off to a strong optimistic start with his fall classes. Let's pick up somewhere around where we left off, shall we?

After the first week of class (my week ends on Thursday) I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling in the depths of my belly, happy to know that a fun and productive semester lied ahead. Following my thursday classes I received a free operating system upgrade from my school (aren't they so good to me?) and happily pranced home to install it. It was only after doing so that I found that performing this upgrade would render Digital Performer Technology for the Soul® - the backbone of nearly all my school projects - essentially useless. Everything works except when you hit the "Play Button" the program freezes and crashes. Bad, eh? After some hours of fruitless experimentation and frantic internet searching, I found, typed almost as an afterthought, a little notice on Mark of the Unicorn's website, with words that basically told me I had to buy a software upgrade for DP in order for it to work in Tiger (the latest OS). So I did. It arrived on Tuesday and it worked (wahoo) but that was a long long weekend if you take my meaning (or even if you don't... in face, yeah, just leave my meaning alone, why don't cha?). And of course, I also had to put a couple of projects on hold until I could get the upgrade installed, gal-durn-it.

On monday, I turned 22. I looked in the mirror and felt kinda old. In an attempt to shave 10 years off my appearance, I shaved about 2.5 months off my face - all by hand with a pair of scissors and a Gillette Mach III Turbo. LaReina has since borrowed the scissors and I'll probably never see them again. My parents sent me a camera and a pair of pants (they're awesome). I got phone calls and emails wishing me a happy birthday. I have such good friends. I went over to Benny's apartment and partied like it was... 1999?

Let's see here >> >> >> A few more things to attend to:

New Roomies:


He's a sax-man. A hard-core bopper. He originated somewhere in Ohio and migrated out to the East coast to hone his chops and make connections. After a brief stint at Juilliard School of music, Jamming with the likes of "Winton" and playing out at Lincoln Center, he decided that New York wasn't all it was cracked up to be, favoring Boston and the prestigious Berklee College of Music. I'm happy to finally have another jazzer in the house. It was getting lonely.


He plays "The Band". As far as I know, he plays trumpet, guitar, keys, and drums. (remind me if there's anything else). He's a nice guy but he's not around much. He's got a girlfriend in town, I think. We've hung out a couple of times.

Little Ben:

The first of two new Bens* Little Ben plays the guitar. He's young, animated, zany and smokes like a chimney. I've spent some time in town with him and some good times on the back porch watching him smoke and singing humorous guitar-accompanied songs late into the night.

* Benny Kim moved out long ago.

Red Ben:

Another new Ben, the red Ben is seldom seen away from his natural habitat: the tower bedroom. He's a sidler. He can approach you from far away and you won't see him coming until he's right next to you; even If you were looking straight at him the whole time. He just materializes somehow. He's complained of being sick and won't join other housemates on our little excursions into town for fear that he might suddenly need to use the bathroom. He stores many cans of coke in the fridge.


He plays guitar in a metal band that specializes in playing Nintendo music. He loves eating meat. He quit smoking today. Need I say more?

That's it for the Noobs. The Bens, Walker, and Yours Truly have played poker a couple times. Hold'em is actually quite fun if you have enough people.

That's all for now. I'll list off the classes next time. Till then, keep your pants on!


Fishoae McSquirrelgee

Current Mood: satisfied
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
9:11 pm
Fishie Q. McGee’s Big Book of Tasty Recipes, Sketchy Sketches, and Class Notes
School began for me today as I expected it would. My first class was not what I expected it would be at all and the good prof. was 10 minutes late in arrival as one of my good pupe-mates predicted he would be. My second class began on time and also ended on time. It was what I expected it would be. Both teacher-men so far have classic Roman faces and graying hair. A (kind of) detailed description of my classes will be available after I’ve been to each of them at least once. Now, on to bigger and smellier things:

My intended weaseling to Potsdam was a tremendous success culminating with an Out of the Blue reunion show at Hurley’s Nightclub on the SUNY Potsdam campus. I rode with Derek and his friend Beardo to Winooski, VT in his white corolla, listening to Big G and the Phat Playas and .chilmark. the whole way. I was met at Cumbie’s by my main man (or at least one of my main men) Sam Whitesell, and we made our way back to the good ol’ town where all the folks were waiting to meet me. It was a good time. I got to see Ross and Josh and Debbie Green (whom I hadn’t seen a coon’s age).

Just before the trip up to P’dam, I made the move from my old room in the front of the house to my new room in the back of the house. It’s sweet, man (woman)!!! It has two (2) skylights and an old fashioned window to boot. Heavens to Betsy! I hung a Crystal thing in one of the skylights, which casts psychedelic patterns on the walls. Meow.

The other night I got home and found a bit of paper stuck in my door for all the world to see. It was from John the landlord. It had information detailing the proper techniques for cleaning the kitchen and using the bathroom but my favorite quote from it has to be “KEEP OFF MY ACORNS”.

There are quite a few new roomies in the house. I’ll describe them in a later entry. That’s all for now.

Much Love,

-Fishbowl von Jeffcoat-Saco

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
1:43 pm
School is coming soon. Look out for the emu.
On Friday, 8/26, I succeeded in walking from my apartment in Chelsea directly to Boston. The walk wasn't really direct: I stopped once at Stop and Shop in Everett to utilize the CoinStar center there, and I stopped for coffee at one point. Eventually finding myself in what appeared to be a produce distribution center of some sort, I continued walking west through industrial parks and power plants and such. The Tobin bridge that I usually cross, riding the bus, has no sidewalk but there are two other bridges that can be seen while crossing: one to the east and one to the west. I have walked across the bridge to the east but it leaves me in East Boston with a rather large body of water separating me from Boston proper. The other bridge was far enough away that I couldn't tell if it had a sidewalk or not. So Friday, despite many people telling me that walking to Boston was impossible, I took the chance and found my way out to the bridge to discover that there was indeed a sidewalk. I happily crossed the bridge into Charlestown and worked my way back west to the North Washington bridge to Boston. It took around 2.5 hours but I did it!

On Saturday, I went out to good old Ben Kim's house for an end of Summer jam. We decided to hold off on the release of our album until early spring to allow for more mixing and fixing time and so that we can all be together to play shows right after it gets released.

I went to Wally's on Sunday for my first jazz jam in a long time. It was a lot of fun even though the piano wasn't miked and I didn't really know the one tune that I played.

School is starting up again soon, which should be interesting. I'm taking a couple of classes that I'm really looking forward to but more on that when I get there. I've been working on weaseling my way up to Potsdam, the latest idea being to hitch a ride to burlington with Derek this weekend and then hopefully getting a ride the rest of the way from one of my mobile friends. I don't know yet if Derek is really going though.

Today I did some research into post-production companies and audio production places around Boston. When I get my gear back, I'll start cranking out some kind of demo real and set up a self promotion website in an attempt to get myself hired. I'm good, people!

Maybe (just maybe) I'll start updating more frequently.

Peace out/much love


5 points if you write a 4-line poem in my comments

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
4:59 pm
It's hot out there
I sweat primarily from my face, particularly the forehead. It becomes troublesome when it rolls down into my eyes and stings them. Fortunately, I don't sweat in other areas as much as some people do, so my clothes don't become soaked.

The Sun has been beating down steadily today and has created in me a marked lack of motivation, not that I had anything to do in the first place. I decided early on that it would be fruitless to attempt any bacon-retrieving today on account of the heat so I amused myself riding various air-conditioned MBTA vehicles until I stepped onto a bus whose air-conditioning was no more. That was a bus back to my apartment where I'm now sitting and doing nothing. The fan in my window is doing an excellent job of blowing hot air from outside into my room. I just got a phone call inviting me over to LaReina's "other" house tonight for a bit of a birthday celebration. With nothing else to do (and I've heard rumors that it's substantially cooler there) I think I'll go.

This weekend, it is my intention to crash the DeVito family reunion. I'm not positive but I think the plan is to catch a bus up to vermont on Friday with one of my Whitesell friends and get picked up by one of the Zubkoffs, the family who is hosting the reunion. You read correctly: I'm going with the Whitesells to the DeVito family reunion hosted by the Zubkoffs. If it's anything like last year (I went then too) I ought to have a great time there. There's good music, good food and good friends. What more could I ask for?

I go through phases where my interest in "romantic attachment" rises and falls. (I didn't use the word relationship! Oh Damn! I used it in saying that I didn't use it!)

Anyway, after a month or two with no such feelings whatsoever, over the past few days, I seem to have entered once again into a somewhat restless emotional state. For me the problem is this: I never seem to meet anyone appropriate and I have no idea where to look, so rather than being interested in *someone* it's more like sitting around wishing there were *someone* to be interested in. Ah well. I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough.

I need to remember to buy a new tube of toothpaste.

I'm growing a beard.

Until next time,

Peace (said the fishiest of fish)

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Friday, July 8th, 2005
1:53 pm
Update New Yolk uh... fish?
A week has passed and I find myself in Potsdam, New York, home of the original milk bottle created in 1884 Dr. Hervey D. Thatcher. Potsdam is also the hometown of Rockapella’s vocal percussionist, Jeff Thatcher, and his mom Mrs. Thatcher, who works in the museum where the original Thatcher Milk Bottle is on permanent display. Dexter’s Café is located on the campus of SUNY Potsdam in Thatcher Hall. Jeff Thatcher and his mom attended a reception in Thatcher Hall following a Rockapella concert in Maxy hall. Hervey D. Thatcher wasn’t there. He was dead. There were no milk bottles present. There are no thatched roofed cottages in Potsdam.

Potsdam’s annual summer festival is underway. Market street is closed for two blocks and all the local shops have moved displays into the street in an effort to attract more business. There is live music all day at the stage generously provided by Northern Music & Video. I found myself performing twice yesterday (unexpectedly) and once today (t’was planned for). I have a gig tonight in Tupper Lake (not in the lake itself but in the village sharing the same name) and another tomorrow in Massena (mentioned in “Me, Myself and Irene”). All this work pouring in is a good opportunity for me to start working on my next month’s rent. I wish I were playing for hire this much in Boston all the time. Oh well. Someday.

The plan is to return to Taxachusetts on Wednesday with my good friend Jake for some friendly hanging, jamming and the like. After that, who knows? Keep checking back for updates. They’ll keep showing up.

Till next time,


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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
1:29 am
I just watched a lot of TV
Greetings friends and other random readers,

(Does anyone I don't know read my journal at random? If so, leave me a comment)

I, Fishie McGee the first, am on a race against time to write and post a journal entry and check my email before my computer dies of a power failure. The reason for this being that Benny Kim, having left his own power supply at a friend's apartment, has been borrowing mine for the past three days. My own computer last 10 to 20 minutes on it's battery power due to a unique flaw. The whole situation is quite vexing. grrrr.

So this entry won't be too much longer than it has already become.

Random statements:

The fan in my window does little to make the heat and humidity more bearable.

People with young kids like to give you money.

Guys with cameras don't like to give you money.

Irish jokes are way different from American jokes, but kind of cool and funny all the same.

I wonder if Martha's Vineyard holds a fireworks display on independence day.

The computer's getting lower and lower. I'd better wrap this up. I'll describe my life in some detail when I can secure a source of energy.

In the mean time, don't stop kicking it old school.

- Your man, The Fish-Meister (please don't take my use of the word "meister" the wrong way.

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
11:05 pm
Fishie: Back for another bite
I've gone from dreaming about people I haven't seen for a long time to dreaming about people I've never met - made up people. Ah well. My dreams are never boring and yet I never seem to remember much about them....

It's been a fairly uneventful couple of weeks here in the Boston Metro area. I'm scraping out a living in the park, where I've met some interesting characters and learned a bit more about life from them. Over the past week or so I've grown increasingly happy about my own current life situation and where it seems to be going. I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing and it'll all turn out ok.

On weekends and selected weekdays, I've taken the red line over to Mr. Benny Kim's house for .chilmark. hangs and recording sessions. The tracks are pumping out satisfactorily (if that's a word) and it seems as though the album will make it's september deadline. We can only hope. Last weekend we played for a graduation party from about 4 in the afternoon until 10 pm. It was awesome.

This week I hope to scrape up enough money to pay my rent for next month. Hopefully the weather will hold out for me. The one nice thing about doing what I do is the fact that I can go over to a well-known coffee place down the street and get a free drink from my well-known friend there. I usually favor the Strawberry-Cream-Iced-________ino with whipped cream on top. It's very nice on a hot day.

Next weekend, .chilmark. plans to make a trip to Martha's Vineyard to hang out for a couple of days. That will be a nice break from this area although I believe it is now the tourist season which means we will be joined by throngs of other folks who are there for their own vacationing, money-spending reasons. I have some friends living on the island, who will hopefully let me stay with them for a couple of days after my bandmates depart and resume their normal lives.

After that, I intend to travel to my hometown of Potsdam, NY where the annual summer festival will be taking place. I may even come into some money while I'm there... (you know... gigs, all that great stuff)

Hopefully, I'll be updating this thing more often. I always find it easier to write about what happened in one day than to write about my whole life or the past few weeks or whatever.

So until next time:


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Thursday, June 9th, 2005
10:10 pm
another notch in the log
Ah, some time has slipped by.

I'm a little older. I'm a little wiser. I had a dream that I saw my friend Alix, who told me that her boyfriend Ganesh, in a dramatic career shift, was going into modeling (he had been planing on med school).

Potsdam gave me every opportunity in the world to hang with the parents and hang with the childhood friends, both of which I did to some length. I'm fairly sure I've convinced Sam and Jake into visiting me in Boston at some point during the summer. I played jazz at the fields a couple of times, attended SUNY Potsdam's lengthy commencement ceremony in the lengthy drizzle with lengthy speeches by 6'7" speakers in lengthy robes, got to know Jake and Sam's friend Liz, played scrabble and took on a DVD-making project. Each of the twins had his hour-long recital preserved forever on digital video-tape and recorded with superb shot-gun microphones in a sweet stereo configuration onto a random obliging Crane student's laptop computer. I spent two days cutting up the footage (to remove long drool-filled pauses) and trying to sync up the laptop audio to the Whitesell-handy-cam visuals (so it would sound... good). The resulting product finds itself slightly out of synchronization at times but for the most part is fairly watch-able. It left us all with some complaints to besmirch Apple's otherwise clean record (the footage was cut up with iMovie and burned with iDVD).

I returned to Boston on a Sunday and after being rained out of the park on Monday, shagged my tail over to Mr. Benjamin Kim's abode where we intended upon some hardcore .chilmark. recording. Alas, we spent more time at Chuck n' Cheese pizza (not to be confused with the popular "Chucky Cheese") than we did in the "studio". It wasn't a total loss. The little hole in the wall that is the pizza-pride of Canton, MA can turn out some mighty fine grindage. But in the evening Ben and I found ourselves on the road to Chelsea where I helped him cart the last of his gear out of the Washington Avenue residence and into his Mom's Mercedes. On our way back to his parents house we learned, through a cell phone conversation, that the rest of the band was gone and wasn't coming back. I spent the night and went into town with him the next day to do some chores and such. The next week or so has been a blur with one day of playing my fiddle in the park running into the next. There's not a lot to say about it other than the fact that the income generated can really vary. From what I can tell, Thursdays are really good days for cash. Mondays aren't.

Hunting the wild tofurkey
Waiting for life to begin
Pickin' the toadstools and kickin' it old school
Looking no further than places I've been

Tomorrow I shall meet once again with the gallant boys of .chilmark. for a [hopefully] more productive session than that of last week. I suspect that my life will once again take on some meaning. Until next time,

"I'm having cake first thing today"


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